Where is Tony Garcia



The Tony Garcia Broadcast website is presently unavailable.

The General Manager of the station has placed the show "on hiatus until further notice" citing
  1. A new satellite show that he wants to place on Sundays from 12P-3P
  2. A system 'problem' that caused the 6/15/08 show to re-broadcast on 6/22/08, 8/10/08 and 8/17/08 (an issue the new board-op said on was corrected by the self-appointed "acting Program Director" on 6/23/08; I personally removed the 6/15/08 show from the system on 7/6/08 and replaced it with a recording of the live 6/29/08 show, yet somehow the 6/15/08 show reappeared and re-broadcast a month later)
  3. Quality of the broadcast (though the GM admitted to not hearing the show in what was determined to be over 2 1/2 years except on 6/22/08, 8/10/08 and 8/17/08)
  4. The resulting impacts of the behavior and miscommunications from the former board-op and self-appointed "acting Program Director"
More information available upon request at my discretion.

Thank you for your support and keep checking this site for any developments as they occur.  As always, e-mail is welcome.  The e-mail address is "tony" followed by "@" followed by "tonytalk.com".